Growth requires well-functioning logistics

E-commerce logistics
  • Comprehensive e-commerce logistics solutions
  • E-commerce warehousing and picking
  • Automated picking services
  • E-commerce transport & Last Mile
  • Internal e-commerce logistics services in the customer’s premises
  • Value added and packaging services
  • Procurements
3PL / contract logistics
  • Comprehensive logistics solutions
  • Warehousing and picking
  • Automated picking services
  • Transport
  • Internal logistics services in the customer’s premises
  • Value added and packaging services
  • Procurements
Food product logistics
  • Comprehensive food product logistics
  • Roller picking
  • Packaging services for businesses
  • Food transport
  • Internal logistics services in the customer’s premises
  • Value added and packaging services
  • Procurements

Tax-free alcohol and excise warehouse

  • We are an authorised warehouse keeper. We can store tax-free alcohol and soft drinks. 
  • The conditions in our warehouses meet the requirements of the products.
  • We ensure an efficient capital turnover rate since alcohol or excise tax of the stored products need not be paid beforehand.
  • We handle the calculation and payment of taxes on behalf of our customers with a power of attorney
  • Necessary collateral provided by Collico
  • We process export and import related eAD/EMCS information.

Distribution services

  • Nation-wide distribution service 

  • We deliver products picked from our warehouse, combination consignments and customer-specific consignments.

  • We combine our customers’ consignments and pickups into one service to boost the efficiency of our operations and make our business more sustainable.
  • We utilise the optimisation program Delivery Optimizer from Bookit Finland in our deliveries.
  • We offer express and normal deliveries in Finland and abroad.
  • We offer our customers a nationwide B2B and B2C control and distribution network, which we manage with our own WMS system.
  • Our B2C of small parcels covers the following areas:  Greater Helsinki, Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Kuopio, Mikkeli, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Seinäjoki and Vaasa.

Parcel services in Finland and abroad


  • We deliver our warehousing customers’ parcels flexibly to specified offices, parcel pickup points, as home deliveries or globally via Skynet Worldwide Express.
  • We also handle deliveries of import parcels sent to Finland via Skynet Worldwide Express.
  • We can deliver the parcels of our customers to anywhere in the world via the international delivery service of SkyNet Worldwide Express. The distribution network consisting of private partners operates in 209 countries.
We offer versatile packaging services based on your needs
  • Meal prep services
  • Gift packages, such as Christmas gifts
  • Multi packages
  • Labelling
  • Pallets and displays – we can package your products onto pallets ready for delivery to retail stores based on your order

In the Oiva system, you can find inspection results of food industry operators.

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