Collicon adds Ostrobothnia to its distribution areas as of 14 June 2022

As our operations grow, we will start our temperature controlled distribution of small parcels in the Vaasa and Seinäjoki area from 14 June 2022.


RELEASE | 1 May 2022

Growth in e-commerce logistics with new digital solutions – Collico-LogXellence reshapes its organisation

Heino Group and Suka Oy, the main owners of Collico-LogXellence, have launched a project to develop their companies’ e-commerce concepts and e-commerce software. The aim is to harness the synergies between Collico-LogXellence, Seulo Palvelut, Suppilog and Storeverse to meet the needs of the changing e-commerce and logistics markets more effectively.

With the launch of the development project, the current CEO of Collico-LogXellence, Peter Klenberg, has been appointed CEO of Storeverse Oy to manage the development project and software development.

“Investments in new digital business solutions and supporting logistics services strengthen the operations of the Group’s companies and promote the competitiveness of our customers in the growing e-commerce markets,” says Peter Klenberg, who is in charge of the development project. At the same time, we will streamline operations and make them more effective to promote growth in line with our strategy.

Appointments at the Collico-LogXellence organisation

Jari Rinnekoski has been appointed CEO of Collico-LogXellence as of 1 May 2022.

At the same time, Collico-LogXellence’s executive team will be strengthened when Petri Lehtinen, former Development Manager at Collico, is named Chief Development Officer (CDO) and Jasper Heino as Business Controller for Management Accounting and Reporting. Jani Vainio will continue as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Jarkko Rantanen as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Kimmo Viinikainen as Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Additional information:

Jari Rinnekoski, CEO
Collico Oy / Collico-LogXellence
+358 400 573 711

Peter Klenberg, CEO
Storeverse Oy
+358 405 172 009

“I take on this new role with enthusiasm, as I am supported by a highly motivated and exceptionally competent team. We have successfully integrated the functions of Collico and LogXellence together, and now is the time for a new development phase. The introduction project of our picking machine Cimcorp Shuttle will start in May at our Kerava warehouse, and the project will be completed by the end of this year. This, combined with new digital solutions under development, creates more opportunities and added value for our customers.”


According to Collico-LogXellence’s Peter Klenberg, CEO, and Jari Rinnekoski, CSO, a cost-effective food trade requires new logistics.

Today’s buying behaviour challenges logistics

Automation and integrated systems play a key role in improving customer experience and maintaining competitiveness in e-commerce.



The change in buying behaviour has brought new demands for companies’ logistics solutions. Consumers’ transition from brick-and-mortar stores to the internet has multiplied the volume of goods transported, which means that the management and profitability of consumer distribution require more efficient warehouse and picking operations. Collico-LogXellence responds to the growing demand for e-commerce logistics and the changing needs by bringing new operating models to the market based on its strong industry and technology expertise.

The knowledge and experience of a dynamic and development-oriented company is reflected in the results. With automation and flexible system solutions, the e-commerce and food product logistics company has seen an impressive growth curve. During the past year, the combined revenue of operations increased from five million euros to 12 million euros, and in the current year the revenue is estimated to exceed 20 million euros.